Tiny Mouse

Tiny Mouse

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„Mummy, each time I look at this little mouse I have to laugh. I bet that this mouse absolutely did not like to clean up the leaves, especially as there are for sure more of them soon. It's not worth it. Gosh, what a chaos, like in my room! But I bet all the people say that it is too little to manage all at once. The mouse is like me!” was the comment of my 5 year old daughter. 

But the tiny little mouse, which is always teased by others because she is too small to achieve anything was able to manage the “fall” situation and now is treated as a superhero. So as my little daughter who is too small for her age also wants to become a superhero one day she started having fun while cleaning up her room.


Design and Art in the children's room


This is a wonderfully framed picture of ANNA Do in Germany. It is available with a standard text in English or German. But you can also choose a personal text to be printed on the picture instead or choose smaller size Din A4 (20 x 30 cm). It is very nice for decorating children’s rooms. You can either hang it up separately or combine it with other pictures of ANNA Do however you like.


ANNA Do drawings are timeless and most of them bring up critical topics in a way kids can understand them. It is possible to tell a story and introduce the respective topic in a playful way.



- format optionally in Din A4 (20 x 30 cm) or Din A3 (30 x 40 cm)

- paper gauge 250 g / m²

- high quality digital print

- frame white, wooden, plastic sheave

- produced in Germany


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