Left-handed Bear

Left-handed Bear

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In many situations left-handed kids are disadvantaged as standard items like pencil sharpeners, can openers or sports equipment mostly are designed for right-handed people. Although more and more tools are being produced for left-handers, they have to be bought additionally if required.

In regards of sports activities where a shot, a punch or hit is being expected to come from the right side left-handers have a serious advantage of surprising the opponent.

Left-handed kids sometimes even have very special skills, like this bear shows. They can easily write backwards or in mirror writing. So for us they are clear superheroes of the daily life!


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Design and Art in the children's room


This is a wonderfully framed picture of ANNA Do in Germany. It is available with a standard text in English or German. But you can also choose a personal text to be printed on the picture instead or choose smaller size Din A4 (20 x 30 cm). It is very nice for decorating children’s rooms. You can either hang it up separately or combine it with other pictures of ANNA Do however you like.


ANNA Do drawings are timeless and most of them bring up critical topics in a way kids can understand them. It is possible to tell a story and introduce the respective topic in a playful way.



- format optionally in Din A4 (20 x 30 cm) or Din A3 (30 x 40 cm)

- paper gauge 250 g / m²

- high quality digital print

- frame white, wooden, plastic sheave

- produced in Germany


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